Technology Transfer

Creating value based on research

As a role of Technology Transfer Office, Norinnova contributes to our partners by developing research into new products and services with commercial value. If the idea has potential, we will develop a commercialization strategy where the product/service is either licenced out to existing industry, or becomes the foundation of a new start-up.

An important part of our work is to secure patent protection, in addition to taking care of other intellectual property.

Due to our experience in the innovative space, we have become experts on the opportunities provided by public grants and support.

Norinnova is also providing conculting- and commercialization services for Innomed. Innomed is contributing by developing new services and products forthe healt-sector, and is working in a national competence-network for user-based innovation. Read more about this at



Our business developers are ready to help! In case you have questions regarding a new idea, how to file a DOFI or something else, please feel free to contact any of our business developers

What is an Technology Transfer office?

A Technology Transfer Office is the link between research from public institutes and the products and services they may result into. Most public institutions and Universities in Norway have a Technology Transfer Office.

When scientist explores something new, the Technology Transfer Office will first assist by evaluating the commercial potential of the research. The idea is described in a ‘Disclosure of Invention’ or DOFI, and will be sent from the researches to the Technology Transfer.

When the DOFI is recieved, the TTO will evaluate the idea. Is it novel? What is the market potential? Can the intellectual property be protected? 

In general, the intellectual property based on research is owned by the employer, since the employee receives salary. And the role of the TTO is to claim the rights of ideas that owned by the employer and have commercial potential. 

The ideas claimed will by further developed by the TTO, and may result into new products or services for existing companies, or even a new start-up, providing increased employment and economical growth within the region.

A successful commercialization may also generate return to both the scientist and the employee, thus facilitating for even more research!

Our Business Developers

Eirik Wasmuth Lundblad

Mail: eirik(a)
Tlf: (+47) 97687571

Head of Dept. Technology Transfer
Norinnova Technology Transfer AS

Anne-Karin Måseide

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Tlf: (+47) 97726705

Business developer
Norinnova Technology Transfer AS

Line Bøe Setså

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Business developer
Norinnova Technology Transfer AS

Martin Skedsmo

Mail: martin(a)
Tlf: (+47) 90202240

Business developer
Norinnova Technology Transfer AS

Morten Elde

Tlf: (+47) 41406762

Business Developer
Norinnova Technology Transfer

Submit DOFI?

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