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Norinnova Technology Transfer act as the link between the research environment and the industry. This is a complex role, which allows us to provide different services to different stakeholders.

Our Incubation-program helps both existing companies and new entrepreneurs with their innovative projects, while technology-transferring seeks to help our partner institutions and their employees with commercialization of research. 

In addition to these programs, we provide other services, where some are provided in collaboration with different partners. 


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Our Programs

Business Incubation

We help both existing companies and those who are not yet established with our innovation-programs. We have a close collaboration with important institutes, and are able to help you with the process of development. An incubator-agreement may include a variety of services, including those who are described below. Click here in order to read more

Technology Transfer

Norinnova has the role as Technology Transfer Office on behalf the academic environment in Northern Norway, and seeks to commercialize technology-, and research-based ideas with commercial potential. The academic environment includes The Arctic University of Norway – UiT, Northern Research Institute – NORUT, and The University Hospital of Northern Norway – UNN. Click to read more.

Our Services

Office Rental

We offer rental of both small and bigger offices, in addition to workspace in our open space. When renting an office from Norinnova, all services provided by Siva Innovation-Centre Tromsø will be included.


Norinnova Technology Transfer offer a wide range of seminars and workshops during the year. Click in order to see upcoming events


Our accounting-team is specialised on accounting for startp-up companies.

Lab Services

Through our collaborating partner, BB-Lab, we can offer lab-services.


Our business-developers are experts at public institutions and applications in oder to get public funding. Additionally, we have access to a wide range of investors and investment funds.

Managmenet for hire

With our skilled employees, Norinnova Technology Transfer offers management for hire.


BIOPROSP is held every two years with a focus on the exploitation of biotechnology in marine environments. The next BIOPROSP Conference will be held in 2019

Næringslivsdagen Nord (Business day North) is a yearly event in Tromsø, acting as a meeting place for business in the north. The conference is focusing on innovation, and is a joint collaboration between Innovation Norway, Nordlys and Norinnova Technology transfer