About Norinnova Technology Transfer AS


The obvious innovation-partner in the north

Our goal is to strengthen existing companies, in addition to contribute with new start-ups. Since 1993, we have contributed with establishing over 80 companies, which furthermore have led to 550 positions in high-tech industries.

Norinnova Technology Transfer is responsible for commercializing research-based ideas provided by The Arctic University of Norway – UiT, The University Hospital of Northern Norway – UNN, and Northern Research Institute – NORUT. 

In addition, Norinnova Technology Transfer AS assists entrepreneurs and exisistng companies in their innovative processes through our incubator.

Our business areas 

The core business of Norinnova Technology Transfer AS is to provide the market with product and services based on technology-based ideas. The ideas can be provided by researchers, entrepreneurs or existing companies.

Additionally, we assist several regional and national programs and projects with our competence. Among other things, we are currently responsible for running MABIT, Biotech North, NLD NORD, Tromsø Research Foundation and Barents BioCentre Lab.

Read more about these projects here

Our partners

Norinnova Technology Transfer AS is located between research and development, different industries, and public grant-institutions.

The companies we collaborate in order to help with financing and further development are:

  • Innovation Norway
  • The County of Finnmark
  • The Norwegian Research Council
  • The Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • The County of Nordland
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
  • RDA Tromsø
  • SIVA
  • SpareBank1 Nord-Norge
  • The County of Troms
  • The city of Tromsø